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16 Apr
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How To Be A Good Accountability Partner – 6 Actionable Steps

Posted by The Ever Accountable Team | For Men, For Women, How to, Transparency & Accountability

Excess of any kind - alcohol, drugs, porn, or sex - can be very harmful to a person's physical and mental health. When left unaddressed,…

15 Mar
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Porn and Sexual Violence: A Relationship With Consequences

Posted by Julia Daniels | For Men, For Women, Pornography Facts, Prevention

(Please note that this article could be triggering to those recovering from pornography. However, for the sake of domestic violence and sexual abuse victims, we…

20 Feb
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4 Ways to Quit Porn: Using Your Body Plus Mindfulness

Posted by The Ever Accountable Team | For Men, For Women, How to, Prevention

Guest Post by Eric Zuzack, a Porn & Sex Addiction Recovery Coach.I was addicted to porn for decades. I went the standard route to quit…

30 Jan
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The Best Ways To Battle Pornography Use

Posted by Julia Daniels | For Families, For Men, For Women, How to

Regrets and guilt? These two emotions are fruits of our own actions and choices. That’s why there’s a huge #noregrets movement. In contrast to this,…

23 Jan
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Porn Vs. Prostitution: A Fine Line

Posted by Julia Daniels | For Men, For Women

Maybe you’re saying, No way. Not going to talk about this topic. Watching porn doesn’t begin to compare with hiring a prostitute. That’s okay. You…

16 Jan
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Do Women Watch Porn — And Other Questions Women Secretly Ask

Posted by Julia Daniels | For Families, For Women, How to, Pornography Facts

Do women watch porn? That's a fair question.  According to Statista.com, Reddit NoFap data, and plenty of other sources  -- yes, they do. A common complaint…


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