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09 Oct
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“Those who Struggle with Porn aren’t Bad People:” Learning to Accept Yourself and Your Journey

Posted by Maria Gola | For Families, For Men, For Women, How to, Recovery

  You are not your addiction or mistakes We all have moments when we feel we are not at our best. As human beings, we…

09 Aug
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Ever accountable for Mac!

Posted by Jacob Beck | Updates

Are you tired of having Ever Accountable on all of your devices but your Mac? Frustrated that you have wanted to try out Ever Accountable…

25 Jul
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Adam Savage: Talking to My Kids about Sex in the Internet Age

Posted by Jacob Beck | For Men, For Women, Prevention

Everyone knows that the internet has made information easily accessible, especially when it comes to pornography.  Perhaps the most unsettling consequence of readily available pornography…

18 Jul
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How Pornography Affects Your Brain [is porn good for you?]

Posted by Jacob Beck | For Men, For Women, Pornography Facts

Pornography addiction is much more involved than just wanting to look at nude videos and pictures. It has a deep connection to our learning process and…

29 Jun
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Advice From Ben Franklin: Live a Virtuous Life

Posted by Katie Patterson | Prevention, Recovery

When Benjamin Franklin was just 20 years old, he devised a system to help develop his character. Franklin said “I conceived the bold and arduous…

21 Jun
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Meet Our Team! Product Designer Jon Woon

Posted by Katie Patterson | Meet Our Team!

Jon is an integral part of our Ever Accountable Team and we were lucky to have him tell us a little more about his story. Good…


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