01 Jan
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7 Secrets to Make your New Year’s Resolution to Quit Porn a Success

Posted by Maria Gola | For Men, How to, Prevention, Recovery

The long-running jokes about failing on New Year’s resolutions are getting a bit old, don’t you think?    According to studies, only nine percent of…

10 Dec
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Is There a Link Between Pornography and Sexual Harassment?

Posted by Maria Gola | For Men, How to, Pornography Facts, Prevention, Recovery

The list of high-profile men being accused of sexual misconduct keeps getting longer and longer and it’s starting to freak me out. It’s one thing…

01 Dec
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Accessibility Disconnects

Posted by Ever Accountable Team | How to

On some Android devices, the Accessibility feature will sometimes turn itself off automatically which causes Ever Accountable to stop monitoring. This is a known android…

24 Nov
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Avoiding Pornography when You’re Far From Home

Posted by Maria Gola | Customer Stories, For Men, How to, Prevention, Recovery

  I recently had an enlightening conversation with *John, an athletic trainer for a local junior college football team. He opened up about his battle…

18 Nov
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Google’s recent accessibility notice, and what we’re doing about it

Posted by Tyler Patterson | Updates

Last week, Google sent an email to a bunch of app developers saying that accessibility can only be used for apps that help people with…


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