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Ever Accountable is scientifically-backed software that helps you quit porn with the power of accountability. Guaranteed.

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If Ever Accountable doesn’t change your life for the better for any reason, we’ll refund up to 3 months of previous payments.

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On average, 89% of porn use disappears when using this app.

In fact, 68% of users reported zero porn usage after just one month. We guarantee significantly less porn usage or your money back.

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You guys are the simplest and easiest to use accountability software out there!”
Trevor Cochrane
Worship Director
Trevor Cochrane
Worship Director
I couldn’t believe how quickly Ever Accountable helped me. I had greater freedom literally in the first day!”
David R.
David R.
I recommend to all the men I mentor that they use Ever Accountable as part of their recovery. Accountability is that important to me.”
Chris Miller
Chris Miller

How it Works


One person is a user

We’ll call this person Brett. All Brett’s devices have Ever Accountable installed. Anything he views in any app or browser is saved to a report which is shared with his accountability partner every week.

The other person is their accountability partner

We’ll call him Evan. Evan gets a weekly report that includes a summary as well as every screen, app, and website that Brett has viewed.

No strings attached. Guaranteed.

Real, tangible results that last.

Because Ever Accountable gives transparency to your phone and computer usage, you won’t be nearly as tempted to pursue anything inappropriate.

No more secrets

There’s a lot of darkness out there. Live in the light by sharing your activity on your phone, tablet, and/or computer.

Better relationships

Living honestly in total openness allows trust, faith, and security to thrive in your relationships.

Better intimacy

When you’re free of porn for a while, your intimacy will be improved in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible.

A Journey to Freedom

Robbie’s story of redemption

3 minute watch

More of our happy customers.

The impact has been that I am sober and free. Keep up the good work in fighting for virtue.”
This app has been completely successful for me. I have been "porn-free" since the moment I installed it. I never want to go back.”
EverAccountable has removed a lot of stress/temptation from my life and has allowed me to focus more on my relationship with God. It has allowed some of the damage that pornography has caused to be slowly mended over time.”
This is a wonderful app and the best of it's kind on the market. I've recommended it to many people.”
I honestly feel I am walking in freedom. My relationship with my wife is being repaired, ten times better than before January. I feel when I lay back in bed at night there is no one in my mind or between us.”
Christian Easton
Christian Easton
I managed to come across Ever Accountable and THIS APP was a saving grace. The fact that I just could not get hold of porn and this boundary that this app gives, helped me more than I can put into words.”
Ironically, the exposure brought me great comfort, and I was able to feel secure and protected, but not only that, I realize that my relationship with God has improved remarkably. Thank you.”
Not just a filter but a real accountability program that includes resources beyond monitoring your e-devices. Meant for people who truly WANT to quit. Highly recommend it.”
Len Yancey
Len Yancey
Your program has helped save my marriage. It has been highly effective to keep me away from pornography. My wife is grateful as it allows me to use my phone, tablet and computer without worrying that I found some backdoor way to look at porn. My family and I want to thank you for your great product!”
Ever Accountable has been a wall that is up that helps block the temptations and sudden urges from getting through, and that is what I badly needed.”
Christian Easton
Christian Easton
I stopped looking at porn and you can’t imagine how happy I felt!”
My husband's secret came out at the worst possible time in our lives, and I wasn't sure we would make it through because of how impossible it was for me to put that one step forward to fully trust him. Ever Accountable has kept him away from pornography for several months now, and as he puts it, the desire to look at pornography is gone. He has become a changed person.”

Ever Accountable really works. Guaranteed.

4.7 of 5 · 3,300+ Google Play Reviews

150,000+ Installs
5 platforms iOS, Android, Windows, +
89% Porn Reduction*
128 bit AES Encryption
ISO Certified

Everyone has questions.

We’ll do our best to answer a few of them here.

  • What are the System Requirements?

    Ever Accountable works on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Chromebook and Amazon Fire tablets.

    Here's a list of operating systems we're compatible with:

    • Windows: 8, 8.1 and 10 (Please note, we do not support Windows in S Mode)
    • Mac OS: 10.12 and up (including Sierra and High Sierra).
    • Android: 5.0 and up.
    • iOS: 12 and up.
    • Chromebook: All versions of Chrome OS.
    • Amazon Kindle/Fire: 4.2 and up.
  • What types of plans does Ever Accountable offer?

    Ever Accountable offers two Subscription plan options including an Individual plan and a Family plan. Each plan gives you an option to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • What is a Family Plan and how much does it cost?

    When accountability matters most for your entire household, our Family Plan allows you to thrive.

    For only $12.99 a month, or $119.99 a year, you can add up to 10 family members to your Family Plan. Whether it’s your children, your spouse, or yourself, individual online activity will be monitored and sent to a trusted partner via a detailed report.

    Each family member is set up using their own email address and has the option to pick their own accountability partner so that every member of your family can rest easy knowing that only the person they assign to receive their report will. On top of that, each family member can install Ever Accountable on ALL of their devices.

  • Does Ever Accountable send instant alerts to accountability partners?

    Deactivation alert: This alert is sent when the user intentionally deactivates the app on the device.

    Activation alert: This alert is sent when the app is successfully activated back on the device.

    Blacklisted alert: This alert is sent via email and text when setup properly. This is triggered when a user visited any blacklisted site on the device. (no screen capture available for this report).

We need each other.

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Only $7.41/month
Only $89/year
  • One Reporting User
  • Unlimited Monitored Devices
  • Unlimited Accountability Partners
  • Text & Email Alerts
Only $9.99/month
Only $119/year
  • For everyone in your household
  • Parent & Child Accounts
  • Unlimited Monitored Devices
  • Unlimited Accountability Partners
  • Text & Email Alerts

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