12 Apr
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TikTok And Teens: Hidden Dangers Every Parent Should Know And What To Do Next

Posted by Julia Daniels | Children and Porn, For Families, How to

Is your teen’s nose glued to their screen, endlessly scrolling TikTok? Then this stat won’t surprise YOU!  A  2022 Pew Research Center study notes that…

07 Feb
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Is Watching AI-Generated Porn Ethical

Posted by Julia Daniels | Pornography Facts, Prevention, Recovery

" Swift is far from the only woman, famous or otherwise, to have been subjected to AI-generated explicit images of themselves without their permission…Swifties have…

02 Feb
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MILESTONE ✨ 500th ✨ Release of Ever Accountable for Android

Posted by Tyler Patterson | Product Update, Updates

A note from Tyler Patterson, Founder and President of Ever AccountableHow Ever Accountable beganIn June 2012, I asked my wife Sharleen to push the button…

05 Jan
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Introducing Ascend: an accessible online porn recovery program

Posted by Julia Daniels | For Families, For Men, For Women, Help for Me, How to

Could your mindset be holding you back on your porn recovery journey?Here's some food for thought.Consider how life coaching has evolved into a massive billion…


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