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“Knowing that my accountability partner (my wife) will receive a report of my online activity removes nearly all temptation. It has made a tremendous difference in our relationship.”

We hear comments like this from our customers all the time. We believe that Ever Accountable works.

But we wanted to know how much of a difference it makes, how fast the benefits come, and if there was a way we could make it even better.  Here’s a few top questions:

1. Do people look at less pornography when they use Ever Accountable?
2. Do people’s lives improve in meaningful ways?
3. How long does it take to see these results?

If you’re in a hurry, the answer to these questions are YES and YES, and WITHIN 10 DAYS. 

For those who want more details, I’ll explain what we learned and include the raw results from the surveys.

People look at far less pornography when they use Ever Accountable

To answer this question we asked people how often they viewed pornography both before they installed Ever Accountable, and how often they viewed since installing it.

After doing the math, 84-96% of pornography viewing was eliminated, with a weighted average of 89% across all groups surveyed. For a lot of those people, the number of pornography viewing sessions went to zero. As we’ll explain later, we actually surveyed 6 different groups of our customers.

Ever Accountable Customer Success. Does Accountability Work?

People’s lives improve in meaningful ways

How do you measure an improvement in somebody’s life? We did the best we could by asking questions like these:

  • Since you started using Ever Accountable, have you felt more or less confident overall?
  • As a result of using Ever Accountable, have your relationships improved?
  • Do you see more hope in your ability to create lasting change in your life by using Ever Accountable?

We changed the questions around from each survey as we tried to figure out the best way to ask the questions. But the results were very positive. Here are a few highlights from the survey we did of people who have been with us for 1 month:

  • 94% said they are either a little more or a lot more confident overall, with the majority saying “A lot more confident”
  • 81% said their relationships have improved
  • 95% said they have more hope in their ability to create lasting change
  • And my personal favorite: 88% said they have seen a benefit in the lives of those they love, such as a spouse, partner, or child

Our customers are more confident, have better relationships, more hope in the future. Those benefits extend to those they love.

Little kids out there are benefiting when their parents use Ever Accountable! And people tell us all the time that Ever Accountable is helping to save their marriages.

Here is a quote from a wife whose husband was trying to quit:

“How could I trust him without proof? Ever Accountable became my proof… He has become a changed person… the light in his eyes and in his countenance — and the change that has come over our whole family because of it… Even though he did it in secret, it affected each of our lives so much. My 6 kids needed a dad.”

Accountability works fast

People are starting to see results even after only 10 days, both in a lower usage of pornography, and improvements in their lives. Those results are even better at the 1 month mark, and they stay consistent up through a year – the longest time period that we surveyed. 

This means that you don’t have to wait to reduce or eliminate your pornography use – install Ever Accountable, get an accountability partner, and expect results fast.


Ever Accountable reduces the pornography people view by 85-90%. As a result, it improves people’s confidence, relationships, happiness, and hope in the future. Those benefits extend to those they love, such as children and a spouse or partner.

We believe that these improvements come because Ever Accountable is a piece of technology based on the accountability – and accountability is a timeless principle shown to improve behavior and change lives for the better. In the words of one of our customers, Ever Accountable works because it “makes me stop and think about my choices and the consequences.”


  • We didn’t know the best way to ask these questions, so rather than just send one big survey to everybody, we sent it in smaller batches to different groups of our customers. Each batch had different wording, and was sent to people who had been customers for different lengths of time. We did 6 batches total.
  • The last two surveys, sent at 1 month and 10 months, are now part of our company process. They are automatically sent to each customer when they hit their 1 month and 10 month marks. We’re including up to the most current data at the time of this writing. We actually use these surveys every month to score ourselves and set company goals for improvement. When somebody reports that Ever Accountable hasn’t helped them, we use their responses to improve the service. 
  • We excluded the personal responses to ensure that no personally-identifiable information is revealed. A lot of people did answer them, and we read and appreciate these answers!
  • Some people in the 1 month and 10 month ongoing surveys may have been with us for longer than those time periods because we sent it to a group of people who had been with us for at least that long. For the other timeframes, we sent the survey to people at the dates stated relative to when they signed up. For all the timeframes, there could still be some delay between when the customer received the invitation, and when they clicked the link and actually took the survey. 
  • You may notice that once in a while, someone would report little benefit in their lives. From the individual responses we learned that the accountability relationship was broken for them. Sometimes it was because the app wasn’t functioning properly on their device. Ever Accountable is the highest rated accountability app on Google Play, but we can’t claim it is perfect yet! We use these responses to fix and improve it. Sometimes the customer’s accountability partner wasn’t paying attention, or the accountability reports sent were unclear in some way. To address these we are working on improving the accountability reports, and we have an accountability partner training program in the works.
  • The greatest life improvements come to those who reduced their pornography usage the most. We found this by filtering the data down to those who had the most pornography usage at the beginning, and little to no usage at the end. This just proves to us again that overcoming pornography leads to better and happier lives.


20 Customers who had been with us 10 days (88% reduction in times they viewed pornography)
16 Customers who had been with us 1 month, group #1 (96% reduction in times they viewed pornography)
38 Customers who had been with us 1 month, group #2 (95% reduction in times they viewed pornography)
16 Customers who had been with us 2 months (91% reduction in times they viewed pornography)
54 Customers who had been with us 10 months (84% reduction in times they viewed pornography)
81 Customers who had been with us 1 year (89% reduction in times they viewed pornography)