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At Ever Accountable we love receiving feedback from our customers. Sometimes they leave us such positive reviews that we become curious about their stories and how our app has helped them.

Today we talk to Tim Harvel, who left us this wonderful review a while back:

“Changed my life. Can’’t say enough about this app, this is probably the only app that literally changed my life.””

We reached out to Tim to ask him some questions about his experiences with pornography.

Tim Harvel

Age: 23-years-old

Religious affiliation: Christian

Tim, how old were you when you first came across pornography? What were the circumstances?

I was around eight-years-old when I first discovered pornography. I was just simply being a typical young, hyperactive boy one day and was shadow boxing in my brother’s room when I fell to the floor and noticed a magazine under his bed. 

Out of curiosity, I reached to grab the magazine and that’’s when it all started. At that age I didn’t have strong sexual feelings. It was more just the curiosity of it all.

From when you first started watching until you knew it was time to quit, what kind of user were you?

At first I just saw porn as mystery. I was eight, and I barely understood what sex was. Getting a hold of porn when I was a kid was pretty hard to come by in a pastor’s home (and we grew up without TV and video games). 

It wasn’t until my preteens to early teens that I started to be a little more exposed. At that time internet was booming and the world wide web was rapidly expanding at a high pace — which meant I was on it a lot more for homework and playing some games here and there. This was where my curiosity turned into an addiction. After a few clicks on ads I should have never clicked on, I was quickly addicted.

From around 11 to 17, I fought back and forth with addiction. Some days I was watching porn three or more times a day, sometimes it was three times a month. It just depended on how strong I was spiritually with my walk with God. 

Once I was around 18 years old I knew that porn was destroying my walk, and it had to stop. There were periods of time where I would go 3-6 months without watching porn at all, and then I would fall right back into the trap and be stuck again feeling completely hopeless. This went on until around two months ago.

What was the catalyst that got you thinking you needed to stop watching porn?

I was tired of being a hypocrite. I knew I couldn’t hide from God, and that I had no freedom in my life. I was married and had a baby on the way, and I wanted to be an example to him. I never want my son to go through what I had to. I want him to have a Christ-like role model.

Before Ever Accountable, had you tried to get help in other places?

I did, but it was never enough. I could never get myself to go to my wife and tell her how bad my addiction was. It all came down to accountability for me. Once I told my wife and my pastor and signed up with Ever Accountable, I’ve been doing pretty well.

The key is to get it out in the open no matter how bad it hurts (because it does hurt when you tell the love of our life you’re addicted to porn). 

I could have gone my entire life without anyone knowing and it would have been a miserable life, but I decided I wanted to be free. With the pain you will feel after telling your husband or wife, it’s totally worth it once you reclaim your life.

What made you decide to try Ever Accountable?

Well, first I was recommended to try Covenant Eyes, and I attempted to, but the app was acting weird, so that’s when I found you guys and haven’t looked back since.

Tell us how Ever Accountable has helped.

Ever Accountable has changed the course of my life, and not just mine but my wife and my son. They no longer have an addicted husband and father leading them, but a husband and father that does right in the eyes of God.

If we were to add any products or services, is there something in particular you’d like to see us do?

Create an online class that walks through beating addiction. Just something that breathes hope into an addict’s life. Addicts are just looking for a glimpse of hope that they can beat porn once and for all.

Thank you, Tim, for your time and your responses!


What do you think? Have you had similar experiences? We would love to hear from you, about your own journey or your responses to Tim’s. Write to us at to have your story heard.