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Asking for help in a weak moment can be tough! Now we’ve made it easier.

We’re SO excited to introduce brand-new in-app features: our in-app, “I Need Help” button PLUS a “Relapse” button. Some of our customers asked for this – and we’re listening. 

A new way to ask for help in a weak moment - our “I Need HELP” button

Consider our customer “Clark” who’s been crushing it – staying porn free with Ever Accountable. But suddenly a weak moment hits.

Instead of giving in, he opens our app and taps a button.

Maybe “Clark” was struggling in the middle of the night, on a business trip, or over a long, lonely weekend.  We’ve got “Clark” – and you – covered. 

Here’s how it works when you open the Ever Accountable app:

    1. Tap the “I Need Help” button.
    2. On the “Help Options” screen, you can choose resources or ask your AP for help.
    3. Tap the “Ask your Accountability Partner for help” button.
    4. Next, tap “Who would you like to get help from?”
      (select the correct accountability partner)
    5. Select your method of contact. “How would you like to contact your accountability partner: email, text, or phone?”
    6. Click DONE.

    Within a few minutes your accountability partner will be contacted. Remember, if they don’t respond right away, they could be sleeping, working, or even at the gym. Don’t sweat it, though. Here’s why.

    You’ve already taken the BIG first step by asking for accountability, support, and community as you battle porn. Remind yourself that tapping our new in-app HELP button is an act of bravery if you’re feeling weak!

    Or perhaps you chose a different HELP option? Here’s what one of our customers recently wrote back to tell us!

    “I really like some of the new features in the Ever Accountable app — including the short 6 minute guided meditation. I just used it today and it helped a lot as I was experiencing a strong urge to view porn. I’ll make sure to use it the next time I feel an urge to engage in addictive behavior.” – shared by permission anonymously

    How to report a relapse to your accountability partner (a less painful way…)

    Next, let’s talk about relapse.

    Are you finding ways to look at porn – and your accountability partner hasn’t noticed, or you’ve been less than forthcoming when asked?

    Our “Report a relapse” button makes it MUCH easier to admit to this and begin the conversation with your accountability partner. We understand that shame and embarrassment is real, and it often gets in the way of transparency, so we want to help alleviate some of that.

    How it works: 

    1. Open the app and tap a button called “Report a relapse”.
    2. Fill out the report (tell your AP what is going on). 
    3. Hit SUBMIT as an act of courage and defiance against porn.

    Check your email for an expert guide on overcoming relapse. Plus, your Accountability partner will be notified and asked to contact you promptly. 

    We also offer your accountability partner some pro tips – proven, helpful ways to support you through this tough time. Often we get asked by these caring “superheroes” how they can better support you. 

    Any time you step up and ask for help, you should receive kindness, support, and respect. Your courage in fighting porn is remarkable! 

    Our new “I Need Help” and “Report a Relapse” buttons are here to help you succeed with your accountability partnership! This way porn doesn’t have the last word. You do.

    You can do this! Don’t quit. Never give up. 

    We’re on your side – and so is your “Superhero Accountability Partner” as you work on perfecting your accountability relationship. 

    P.S. You can reach us with feedback or questions here:

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