Posted by Katie Patterson-Hullet | Customer Stories

Ever Accountable is dedicated to improving our monitoring abilities, to give our customers as much help as possible! Since it is difficult to monitor all pornographic content from the internet and apps, we came up with a solution we think will make a real difference: Periodic Screenshots.

What are Screenshots?

We take random, periodic screenshots throughout the day at unknown times of User’s device screens. They are NOT required for an Ever Accountable subscription, but can be enabled if users want extra protection from their desire to look at pornography. The screenshots are then sent along with the other data in reports to accountability partners.

Why should I enable them?

Screenshots give accountability partners more context to judge what users have been doing with their devices. They are also a fallback system for apps which are hard to monitor, giving extra protection to users who want to quit pornography. Screenshots are an extra layer of protection!

Will Screenshots show faces and bodies?

Not right now, unless the screen has a very close-up image of a face. Screenshots are a new, experimental feature and we’re currently sending them as very low-resolution thumbnails in order to keep privacy (and potential pornography triggers for accountability partners) intact. It is enough visual data for accountability partners to judge if their friend needs more help, but not enough to invade privacy.

Since they are experimental, we are interested in your feedback about the quality of resolution. We would love your comments and questions, especially in regards to the resolution of screenshot thumbnails. Please get in touch at to tell us what you think!

How do I enable Screenshots?

Screenshots are available for Android devices on Android 5 Lollipop and later. (If users like them, we will add them to other platforms). Enabling screenshots are an option during the regular installation process.

To enable screenshots after Ever Accountable has already been installed:

1. Grab the latest update of Ever Accountable
2. Open the app and tap “Enable Screenshots” near the middle of the screen
3. To disable screenshots: Open the app and tap “Disable Screenshots” near the middle of the screen

Will Screenshots use more data?

They use a little more, but you probably will not notice because we heavily compress them before sending them to our server. You can expect around 40 megabytes per month for Screenshots, though it could be more or less depending on how you use your device. Screenshots are uploaded as they are taken, using whatever internet connection your device is connected to at the time. So if you frequently connect to wifi, uploading screenshots will not use any of your phone’s data.

Try out Screenshots!

We are excited about this new development in accountability monitoring. As usual, we will be working to tweak and perfect this system to make it seamless for customers. In fact, in an upcoming version we plan to have our system use a machine-learning algorithm to scan screenshots for pornographic images, to offer a more precise service to people desiring real freedom from porn.