Posted by Katie Patterson | How to, Updates
Reading Time: 2 minutesUntil recently, users and accountability partners had different places to log in and see either reports or their account information. Now we have streamlined the dashboard to include everything in one place. But users might be wondering why they see a “"Reports"” tab that they cannot access. Let me explain!When a user who wants to overcome pornography and their accountability partner(s) log in, they will see two tabs at the top: “"My Account"” and “"Reports."”
  • “"Reports"” is for accountability partners to receive up to the minute reports of the user’s online activity across all devices installed with Ever Accountable.
  • “"My Account"” is for users to set up devices, assign accountability partners, and manage payments.
Typically, a user does not view their own reports and accountability partners do not have access to a user's account.BUT, sometimes, a person is both a user and an accountability partner for someone close to them like their teenage son, their wife, a friend from church, or work colleague. In this case, they need access to both their account and another person's reports (not their own).So the new dashboard does not give users access to their own reports, just the reports of someone else they might be accountability partners for. And if a user hasn't already invited a family member or friend to try out Ever Accountable, click on the “"Reports"” tab for a link to easily invite them.To summarize, users still do not have access to their own reports. They see the “"Reports"” tab because many users are also accountability partners for someone else and this is where they access other user's reports.