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Reading Time: < 1 minuteBrowser support is one area in which Ever Accountable is very strong compared to other Android accountability apps. This is because we are the only accountability app to support the Dolphin Browser. We also clearly flag the use of unsupported browsers. We are working hard to support all the browsers that we can.Even though we don't support all the browsers, Ever Accountable does flag unsupported browsers in the weekly reports. In other words, just because a browser is not supported, does not mean that someone has a loophole in accountability!The reason we can't support all browsers is because a web browser has to grant permission in order for Ever Accountable (or any other accountability app) to monitor what is going on inside. The stock browser and Skyfire do this, and recently Dolphin Browser granted permission to select apps through their support of addons. Dolphin is currently the most popular browser on Android.The Dolphin people were fantastic to work with, and we are grateful that they gave us permission to connect directly to their world-class browser. It also took a good amount of work on our part, and we currently know of no other accountability app that supports this great browser.There are some browsers that we really want to add support for, such as Chrome. Please email us if you have any questions about browser support.Ever Accountable is working hard to make it easy to hold yourself accountability on your Android device. We believe that accountability is one of the best ways to live a clean and happy life!