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Accountability Partners (APs) stand as sentinels in the fight against porn.

They offer encouragement when it is most needed and call us out when we try to justify a wrong decision.

The partnership between the user and AP is a sacred one. This system does not work without it. We need to protect and nurture that relationship.

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Protection For Accountability Partners

There is a risk that all APs face in fulfilling their crucial role, particularly those APs who are also customers of Ever Accountable.

That risk involves possible exposure to inappropriate images while reviewing someone else’s report.

We’ve taken extraordinary measures to minimize this risk while increasing accountability for tremendous long-term success. 

With this change, any accountability partner who is also a customer of Ever Accountable will have to confirm before viewing any suspicious image in someone’s report.

Not only that, but doing so will add a suspicious entry to their own report. This gives encouragement to view the minimum number of suspicious entries possible in order to do the job. 

This new method aligns better with our philosophy of giving people both freedom and accountability.

Accountability partners will be free to view as many suspicious items as they need, but if they are also users in the system, they will be held accountable for every one they view.

Everybody will get this. There are no extra settings, and we will remove the old trigger safety mode. The app just got both simpler and more powerful.

There’s no extra charge for this. This is part of our ongoing effort to make accountability easier and more effective.

Please see the FAQs below or contact support if you have any questions.

Thank you for using Ever Accountable!

Tyler Patterson

Founder and President, Ever Accountable

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What do you mean by "trigger"?

We refer to a trigger as something that activates a craving to look at pornography. We are wise to pay attention to our own personal triggers, then take steps to avoid them.

How can accountability reports be triggering?

If inappropriate content such as nsfw or pornography was viewed, then this content can be displayed in the accountability report.

If the accountability partner is themself trying to avoid pornography, then seeing this content can lead their mind to crave more. There can be temptation to click through and view more suspicious entries than is really necessary. These are the very things we are trying to avoid!

"Seeing this content can lead their mind to crave more..."

How will this new change protect accountability partners from seeing things that trigger them?

Now any time an accountability partner who is also a user of the system tries to view a suspicious image inside a report, they will need to agree that this will be reported to their own accountability partner(s). They will need to agree to every single image, and a reference of every single image will be included in their own report. This will motivate them to only view the minimum needed to do their job as an accountability partner.

Will privacy be preserved?

Yes. No activity details will be sent to anyone who hasn’t been authorized to see them.

To illustrate, imagine a scenario of three people:

Adam and Brett are both using Ever Accountable to help them avoid pornography. They are both each other’s accountability partners. Brett’s wife Candace also receives Brett’s report.

Imagine that in a weak moment Adam looks at pornography. Screenshots appear in Adam’s report. Brett sees the report and wants to call Adam to discuss the mistake and offer encouragement, but he feels he needs to confirm what Adam looked at first. So Brett chooses to view two of the screenshots in Adam’s report.

When he does this, two entries are added to Brett’s report which are sent to Brett’s accountability partners Adam and Candace. Those entries in Brett’s report do NOT contain Adam’s name, nor do they contain the screenshot that showed up in Adam’s report.

The only thing that Candace will know is that Brett saw two images that were classified as pornographic in his role as an accountability partner. Adam’s privacy is preserved.

How do I activate this new feature?

You don’t have to do anything – it is already at work in your account.  Some of you may notice that a “new device” has been added to your accounts called “Report Viewing”. 

Not to worry, this virtual device allows the new feature to function as it should. 

What does this cost?

There is no extra charge for this. It is included in your subscription.

If I'm not an accountability partner, will this affect me?

Not directly.

But this will make the system easier for your accountability partners to use, which will help them hold you to a higher level of accountability.

What if my accountability partner(s) aren't also using Ever Accountable to keep themselves accountable?

Accountability partners who are not also keeping themselves accountable with the system will still have to confirm to see something suspicious. 

But, for their convenience, they won’t have to confirm every time.

We also try to keep them safe, but we realize that many accountability partners are not themselves triggered.

So we allow them to check a box so they do not need to confirm any further suspicious entries for three days.

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