Posted by Ever Accountable Team | How to
Reading Time: < 1 minuteOn some Android devices, the Accessibility feature will sometimes turn itself off automatically which causes Ever Accountable to stop sharing reports. This is a known android bug that Ever Accountable cannot directly control. However, there still might be a way to make it work:
  • For devices running Android 6.0 and higher, go to Settings -> Battery, tap the menu icon in the top-right corner (3 vertical dots), and select "Battery Optimization". Then select "All Apps" from the drop-down list, tap Ever Accountable, and choose "Don't Optimize".
  • On Samsung Galaxy devices (S5 and later), check to see if you have App Battery Optimizer in Samsung Smart Manager app enabled. Please disable this as it is known to disable Ever Accountable's Accessibility Service. Go to Android Settings > General > Battery, and look under "App Optimization" and select "Details". Then find Ever Accountable and turn it off.
  • For Huawei phones, go to Settings > Apps > Advanced Options > Ignore Optimizations and toggle "allow" for Ever Accountable.
  • It is possible that you might have a task manager that automatically closes applications periodically. If you do, please add Ever Accountable to the whitelist (apps that are excluded from being automatically closed) of the application. If the app does not have a whitelist, consider uninstalling it.
  • "Samsung KNOX" and "Keeper Password Manager" are two apps that unfortunately do not work with Ever Accountable. If you have either of these apps, you won't be able to run them in conjunction with Ever Accountable.
If you were affected by this, we are really sorry! We are doing everything we can to find better workarounds for this android bug!-The Ever Accountable Team