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Reading Time: < 1 minutePhones are sneaky little things. They allow the fun of watching Mumford and Sons, clever videos, and they provide opportunity to read what talking heads think about Dez Bryant's temper tantrum. But the phone also allows the ability to sneak peaks at pretty much any vile affection that your heart endeavors in secret. And, even if you don’t have a leaning in that direction, here are three good reasons for adding accountability software to your phone’s conglomeration of apps.Protect YourselfOf course, if you fear that you have a weakness for the darker side of the web, accountability software will protect you while allowing you to keep your dignity and feel like an adult. Accountability software doesn't forbid anything - it just forces you to think about what you look at before you actually do the looking.Protect Your RelationshipsWhether you feel you have a weakness or not, relationships are built on honesty. If there isn't honesty in a relationship, there isn't a relationship. Accountability software allows for openness that forces honesty - and, granted sometimes forced honesty isn't the best policy, but it sure beats sneaky conniving. Accountability software allows both the user and the accountability partner(s) the comfort of knowing that there is nothing hidden in the relationship.Protect Your ComputerTake a guess where most computer viruses lie in wait. This isn't science and it surely isn't high quality research, but I feel pretty confident in saying that most computer viruses reside on sites that spouses and children probably don't want you to visit. So for the sake of your $1,200 machine, use accountability software.