Resources for Moms

A mother’s love is both gentle and fierce. If she knows something or someone is going to harm her child, beware!

Unfortunately, violent dangerous online porn sneaks in everywhere! By age 12, 1 in 3 children have already viewed porn. Moms everywhere want their kids to be safe and healthy. So every mom needs tools and support to fight back!

    For mothers of little ones, here’s a safe and effective way to start educating your child about online dangers. 

    If you’re a mom of a middle-schooler or teen, chances are high that your child has already viewed porn on someone else’s device. That’s not your fault! 

    But here are some strategies you can take to help your child not become secretly “hooked” on porn. 

    Do not despair! If your child is already hooked on porn, other parents offer hope and help for you from their lived experience such as Barb Winters, author of Sexpectations.

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