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89% of our customers report that they drastically reduced their porn use after downloading Ever Accountable on their devices.

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Real results through the proven power of accountability

 Ever noticed how secrets lose their power when brought into the open? Another word for “accountable” is “answerable” and this app helps people become answerable for consuming porn. Choosing to stay away from internet porn it is increasingly difficult; it’s right there in your back pocket. It’s in your teen’s backpack. It’s on your home computer. We need one another’s help–we need accountability–to resist.

Accountability reminds us that mistakes are human.

We’re all human, we all make mistakes, fall down, crash and burn. Getting back up again is so important to our mental health and quality of life. But often we can’t share our mistakes with people, so we spiral into shame and despair instead. Ever Accountable helps with this process! We make it straightforward for people to ask for the help they need to get their sense of integrity back.  

Accountability makes integrity a priority

For those who need to quit. If you’re tired of pornography’s lies and feeling terrible about it, it can be hard to reach out. Vulnerability sucks. But being vulnerable is not weakness. It’s actually “our greatest measure of courage,” according to new research. Accountability means sharing shameful secret with another person and asking them to hold you to your goal of quitting. It’s a beautiful thing, because it actually works. Reaching out deepens relationships and keeps you honest.For those who want prevention. Many of our customers use this software as an insurance policy against temptation. Others like to be aware of what their family views online, to have honest discussions about culture, the media, and intimacy. Through this app kids can learn that accountability is a powerful motivator to stay away from the dark corners of the internet, and how to make good decisions on their own.

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For Individuals

Do you look at pornography at the dinner table, in work meetings, or in front of your parents? Of course not, because it’s something people do in isolation. Porn is always a secret from someone. It is not something to brag about or share with people we care about.
So whether you need to quit or want the extra prevention to stay away, our app will effectively kill the secret of porn in your life. Here’s how:
  • You’ll reach out and ask a trusted friend or two for help
  • These accountability partners will have access to your browsing history on your phone, computers, and tablets.
  • When you view blacklisted and/or questionable content, your accountability partners will see it. We’ll give them some guidelines for how to motivate you to get back on track.

For Families

It’s never too early to begin real conversations with our children about the dangers of online pornography. It’s common knowledge that children are exposed to porn earlier now than ever before, often before they even understand basic concepts of sex and intimacy.
That is why it is so important to not only protect your devices, but also open the avenue of conversation with your family about pornography. Here’s how we help:
  • We will protect your entire family by sharing the browsing history of websites and apps on ALL your devices. We send detailed reports that highlight blacklisted content, so you can easily see what your family is looking at online.
  • Accountability opens the door to meaningful conversations. If your children view explicit content, you’ll be notified, allowing you the space to approach them and ask questions, listen, and help them understand the illusions pornography purports.

Expect More Than an App


We’re here for you through meaningful articles, emails, and guides to keep you on track. Our customer service and support teams care about your success and will respond quickly with questions or comments you have. We’ll give you everything at our disposal to help you quit porn for good and get back to thriving.