About Ever Accountable

We help people who realize that willpower alone is not enough to keep them free from pornography. We provide a proven system so you can be confident in yourself and build deep trust and love with the people who are most important to you.
Our mission is to raise the standard of accountability to help people reach their greatest potential for themselves and those they love.

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Our Story

Ever Accountable started when Tyler Patterson wanted to protect himself from the temptation of pornography but became frustrated with existing internet filters. He just wanted an app that would stay out of his way and hold him accountable to his wife Sharleen. In 2011 he started working weekends on it, in 2012 Sharleen pressed the button to release it to the world. Neither Tyler nor Sharleen had any idea how many people were also looking for accountability

Our Three Values

You exemplify these values when you take action to live free from pornography. We try like crazy to live up to them too! 

Thanks To

Thanks first to God: For loving us, for forgiving us when we fall, for everything we have and are. We love you!

Thanks to our families: For supporting us and giving us something to fight for. We love you!

Thanks to CleanBrowsing for providing the excellent filtering DNS service. They care deeply about helping people and the filtering features we provide are possible because of them!

Thanks to our competitors. While you sometimes give us heartburn, you give us ideas and spur us to do better than we ever could alone.

And last but not least, thanks to every person who is fighting to live a life free from pornography. You are the real hero here! We cheer you on and will help you however we possibly can!

Credits, in order of appearance

These people had a direct hand in creating Ever Accountable

Tyler Patterson: founder, leader, product designer, programmer, customer support, marketer
Sharleen Patterson: advisor, counselor, encourager
Jezriel Bajan: programmer
Mia Bajan: customer support
Robbie Anderson: marketer, advisor, idea creator, advocate extraordinaire
Lex Bangot: programmer
Tom Sorenson: writer
Katie Hulett: writer, advisor, artist
Ashlea Patterson: executive assistant
Catherine Tenjeros: highly productive programmer
Heidi Patterson: executive assistant, writer, human resource, advisor, hiring manager
Jaymar Somosot: systems engineer
Aubrie Patterson: writer
Mary Einfeldt: writer
Amiel Barino: programmer
Jonathan Woon: user interface and product designer
Susheel Chanda: programmer
Brian Swank: customer support, web designer
Jacob Beck: leader, customer support, product designer, programmer
Bobbi Rice: project manager
Craig Gross: advisor, marketer, 
Michael Allen: leader, programmer, solver of impossible problems
Alberto Cagata: tester
David Rhyne: product designer
Marianne Barney: executive assistant
Anare Tavo: teacher, organizer
Ricki Shields: customer support
Micah Iverson: writer
Jeremy Boyle, PhD: recovery counselor, curriculum creator
Josh McKee: programmer
Julia Daniels: content marketing writer and strategist
Garrett Hammonds: marketing team lead
Jezriel Bajan: engineer

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