Online Sharing for Every Device

Ever Accountable is not a filter. It shares your activity to your spouse, partner, or a trusted friend.


Device Compatibility
Feature Android iPhone/iPad Windows Mac ChromeOS Kindle
Internet Accountability
A report of your internet activity shared with your chosen partner(s)
Shares content viewed inside apps
Information that's sent in the reports
Browser Only *Common Apps
Screenshot Accountability
Snapshots of your online activity included in the reports
Optional blocking of blacklisted content
Freedom to Use Your Device as You Like
Ever Accountable won't hinder actions like a traditional blocker might
Customer Service
Our stellar support team is available Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 2AM EST:
Uninstall Alerts
We'll alert your partner(s) if our app is uninstalled
After 1 Week

*Supports Safari, Firefox and Chrome on iOS, when the VPN is enabled