Online Monitoring
for Every Device

Ever Accountable is not a filter. It monitors and
reports your activity to your spouse, partner, or a
trusted friend.


Individual Plans

Our individual plan allows you to browse as usual on all your devices without blocking sites or getting in the way. Accountability is the most effective, simple way to help you make good choices online.

  • Solid Accountability

    • Tricks like clearing your browser history won’t work. You’re accountable!
    • All your content is reported with anything suspicious highlighted
    • Instant alerts for uninstall attempts, or viewing blacklisted material
    • Accountability partners can view your reports at any time
  • Freedom

    • You are the best filter!
    • Nothing is blocked. Browse as usual, knowing that your accountability partner will receive a report
    • Low battery usage - rarely even shows up on the battery usage report
    • No password protection (except on iOS)
  • Easy

    • We made the app as simple to set up as possible
    • Top-notch customer support if you need any help
    • Simple for your accountability partners to understand
    • 7-day training series for you and your accountability partner

Device Support

Features Windows Android Kindle ChromeOS MacOS iOS
Internet Accountability In-app only
App Monitoring Common
Freedom to use your device as you like Requires
use of EA App
Customer Service
Uninstall Alerts Immediate Immediate Immediate Immediate Immediate After
1 week