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When will you slip up next?

You know the feeling. Weak. Ashamed. Full of self-doubt
And losing the trust of those you care most about.
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Porn is a monster

Porn is addictive.
Porn degrades people, especially women.
Porn leads to human trafficking and causes deep pain and regret for many people, including innocent victims.
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Sexual messages are in our faces constantly

Resisting this onslaught is tough.
Porn is always a tap away on our phones and computers.
We need protection for our weaker moments.
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Ever Accountable has an app that can help

We have helped tens of thousands of people eradicate porn on their smartphones and computers.
Our Android app has 4.7 stars with over 2,700 reviews on Google Play.

This app has been completely successful for me. I have been porn-free since the moment I installed it. I never want to go back.
I stay away from pornography and I waste less time on my phone. This is a wonderful app and the best of it's kind on the market. I've recommended it to many people.
I now feel I am walking in freedom. My relationship with my wife is being repaired, ten times better than before.

Getting accountable is your most powerful weapon against porn

Porn thrives in secrecy. Fighting porn requires being transparent to someone you trust. Being accountable to someone will get rid of the secrecy. And getting rid of the secrecy gets rid of the porn. But it doesn’t stop there!

Being accountable opens conversations with people who care about you. You can be encouraged when you slip up and cheered on when you do well. Most of all, being accountable helps to rebuild trust.

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How Ever Accountable Works

Ever Accountable is an app that shares the text and images on your screen and sends reports to the accountability partners you trust. It also reports circumvention attempts and the time you spend in apps. Your data is safe through industry standard encryption.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee that Ever Accountable will profoundly transform your life and relationships or we will give you 100% of your money back.

– You will immediately have more strength in resisting pornography
– You will have greater hope in creating lasting change
Your relationships will improve

We make it easy to cancel – right in the app. And more than that, we will give you back every penny you’ve spent with us if you don’t experience profound transformation. We are that confident this will work for you because we have seen it work so many times before.
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Changes to expect after getting Ever Accountable

Guaranteed or your money back

Less Porn

Your porn usage will immediately and dramatically drop

More Confidence

You will feel more confident personally, and relationally

Greater Hope

You will feel more hope in making lasting change

Better Relationships

The benefits will extend to those you care about most

Stronger Focus

You will have more focus at work, school, and activities

Deeper Intimacy

Your sex life will benefit and your partner’s too

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Do not delay, porn’s danger is real

Porn has been shown to:

  • Erode the trust of those you love the most
  • Cause us to view others like objects
  • Lead to broken families, divorce
  • Lead to ED
  • Lead to sex trafficking

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Start your transformation today

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Porn is a monster

Like an addictive drug, porn can get a grip on your life. And it doesn’t let go easily. Studies show that of all online behaviors––like gambling, gaming, or social media––porn is the most addictive.

Why is porn bad?
Porn is like junk food for your brain: it has no nutritional value and it is a poor substitute for the real thing. Additionally, there is a lot of evidence linking excessive porn use to negative consequences, like erectile dysfunction or relationship issues. Porn can also lead to the objectification of other people’s bodies, a lack of confidence, and poor time management.

Why is porn so addictive?
Your brain comes equipped with something called the “reward center.” The reward center releases chemicals like dopamine to reward you for behaviors it sees as good. When you look at porn and/or masturbate, your brain rewards you for what it thinks is the good and natural behavior of reproducing. But really, your brain is only being tricked into rewarding you for something that isn’t so good for you. As a result, you learn that the more porn you watch the more positive chemical release you get to experience. This is how addiction sets in.

How does porn affect others?
A lot of people think porn use is okay because it doesn’t hurt anyone. Sadly, this is a mistake. Besides subtly changing how we view and value other people’s bodies, porn actually helps fuel the sex trafficking industry. Trends in porn help the sex-trafficking industry know what people like and what fantasies they want to carry out. Not only that, but many porn actors are also coerced into participating in adult films through substance abuse or promises of a career.

To learn even more about porn and how to overcome it, check out this page.

Sexual messages are in our faces constantly

From pop-up ads to your favorite Netflix show––the triggers are everywhere. When we say sexual messaging, we’re talking about everyday content you interact with that contains something implicitly or explicitly sexual.

What does sexual messaging look like? Well, think about the last movie you watched. Was there a sex scene? Was there a slow-mo shot of man or woman’s body? Was there something so small as a dirty joke? These things might seem insignificant, but they’re examples of the everyday sexual messages we are constantly bombarded with.

This kind of content may seem harmless, but it can actually lead to us seeking out more explicit content, like porn. Sexual messaging can subtly plant ideas in our minds, and it’s only a matter of time before we act on these ideas.

Ever Accountable helps keep you safe from this kind of content by sharing what you’re looking at.

In just the first month, our users have reported porn use dropping by 89%!

That way, you and your accountability partner can identify the small problems before they become big problems.

Getting accountable is your most powerful weapon against porn

Porn thrives in secrecy. Fighting porn requires being transparent to someone you trust. Being accountable to someone will get rid of the secrecy. And getting rid of the secrecy gets rid of the porn. But it doesn't stop there!

Being accountable opens conversations with people who care about you. You can be encouraged when you slip up and cheered on when you do well. Most of all, being accountable helps to rebuild trust. [more]

Porn thrives on secrecy and shame: the more we hide it, the more it traps and hurts us. But what if you had someone you trusted to help you fight it? That’s what accountability is for.

The accountability model exists to do three things:

  • Create transparency
  • Build trust
  • Break the habit and finally quit porn

When we don’t hide our online habits, we are less likely to pursue those habits that aren’t good for us. But it doesn’t require transparency. After all, you can’t expect a doctor to help you with your infection if you won’t show it to him. Letting someone into your life to help keep you accountable is the first step in ridding your life of porn.

Over time, you’ll find that you build trust with your accountability partner. With nowhere to hide your habits, you’ll be able to confront the truth about which ones are helpful and which ones aren’t. This trusting and transparency means someone other than yourself can speak to your blind spots and help keep you to a higher standard.

Ultimately, the goal is that your behavior will change. You won’t seek out porn, and you’ll stay away from the places where porn will seek out you. Your feelings and actions will no longer be controlled by porn, and you can lead a more fulfilled and sexually healthy life.

How Ever Accountable Works

If you’re worried about accountability software that interferes with everyday tasks then look no further! Our software works behind the scenes to keep you accountable and is super easy to use.

Here’s how it works:

You install the software on your device(s). It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. Ever Accountable shares your browsing history, humming along quietly in the background. It also takes screenshots here and there.

You reach out to trusted friends or your partner and ask them to be an accountability partner. We’ll send them detailed reports of your browsing history however often they’d like to receive it.

Let the better behavior begin! Accountability is proven to be more effective than just simple filters and restrictions. With accountability, you don’t have to go at it alone AND you form healthy viewing habits that last!

For more information on how our app works, check out our How it Works page.

Why We Charge Money for our App

At Ever Accountable, we try to make our app as affordable as possible, while ensuring that our services are able to remain usable--you won't see us on the Forbes list anytime soon.

We wish it could be free, but to offer an app like ours, it requires:

  • Multiple engineers to keep up with the constantly changing technology on each platform
  • Server costs to keep the app up running
  • Paying for our customer support team, admin, etc.
  • And so much more that is required to keep our business running

If our app is too expensive, please reach out to us at support@everaccountable.com and we will work with you to make the app affordable.

How to Choose an Accountability Partner

Outside of setting up our app, choosing the right accountability partner is the most important part of succeeding with Ever Accountable. If you don't immediately know who to choose, then follow the steps below to help you pick the right people.

Step 1:
Create a list of people that you trust. These should be people who will not make you feel ashamed of everything you do and should be the people who are there to pick you up whenever you stumble.

Step 2:
From that list, order the people by who you talk to the most and take a look at the top 5. These will be the best candidates for your accountability partner since they are the people you trust and interact with on a regular basis.

Step 3:
From your top 5, arrange them by who you think will be the best person to look over your weekly report and hold you accountable to becoming the person you want to be.

Step 4:
Reach out and ask them to be your accountability partner. Bonus points for finding someone that you can hold accountable at the same time.

See a Sample Report

We created our reports so that it would only take a few minutes to review everything important. To do this, we created our own algorithm that takes the data from your device and categorizes it based on one of three categories: clean, suspicious, and blacklisted.

Here's a sample report of how this works:

In addition to our own classification, we also allow your partner to add specific keywords that will trigger items to be marked as suspicious so that you can customize your own journey and be held accountable for what you need to be accountable to.

This next image shows what our list of entries looks like, along with a flagged entry for the word "google."

Each entry opens up so that your accountability partner can see information like: what the URL is, was the entry clicked on, and a full image of the screenshot if they are enabled.

These are just a snapshot of what you can do with our reports. For more information on report filtering, changing reports, picking a custom date range, or just how to understand our reports, check our support document on them here.