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As pornography thrives in secrecy, removing that secrecy is a powerful tool.

Your friend will have extra strength and motivation to avoid pornography knowing that you will see the sites they visit.

This is why you need to read the weekly reports.

Then talk to your friend, if you see either obvious pornography or something you’re unsure about.

Sit down with your friend and ask a few questions.

Ask them to tell you their story.
Why do they want to stay away from pornography?

Next, make an agreement.

You will contact them if you see that they looked at pornography, and they will contact you if they get close to looking at it.

It is just as important that you congratulate them on good reports.

Also, talking about the situations in your friend’s life that lead them to use pornography will help them recognize and avoid those areas in the future.

Remember that your job is not to be the cop or the enforcer.

You’re helping them change, not forcing them to change.

Next, we will further discuss what to do when you find out your friend looked at pornography.